The TOUGHLOVE program is an effective self-help program for the parents of young people with unacceptable behaviour. The Program empowers parents and young people to take responsibility for their actions and to stop destructive behaviours.

We help parents to regain control of their homes and lives. TOUGH LOVE is a combination of philosophy and action, which together can help you gain positive control of your home again.

TOUGHLOVE is a network of parents helping parents - and of parents and professionals working together, to bring positive change into the lives of young people.

How we work

We are a parent support group. We deal in behaviour, not in emotions, even though emotions are considered and respected.

We have a "process of change" that works, because what we were doing before was not working. Nothing changes if nothing changes! We cannot change others, only ourselves. We offer support to help you to make changes - first for yourself and your wellbeing, then for your child.

We can show you that you are not alone, that you have rights and worth and deserve to be treated with respect.

We do not tell you what to do. We can give suggestions, hope and sharing.

There are no prescriptions: you make your own plans and get support from the group to follow through with your decisions. If you don't know what to do we can help brainstorm and provide our collective experience.