Our organisation supports parents, who are experiencing problems with unacceptable behaviour from their teenage, or adult children. We understand how difficult the challenge can be when problems escalate.  We know how hard it is for parents to find the support they need to confront those challenges.

  • Is your teen, or adult child verbally abusive, threatening, or violent toward you?
  • Is he using drugs, or binge drinking?
  • Is she refusing to attend school, or go to work?
  • Does your teen refuse to come home and then make life hell when she does?
  • Do you feel frustrated, confused, guilty, frightened, or helpless in the face of your child's behaviour?  
  • Are you struggling to maintain control of your life and your home?

The TOUGHLOVE for Parents Program is a loving solution for families being torn apart by unacceptable behaviour. 

We can't guarantee a quick fix. We can offer understanding, through our shared experiences and support for making changes that make a difference.  The TOUGHLOVE Program offers a process for change that has helped to get our own families through the tough times and back on track. Maybe it can help you too.